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Usage areas – Yorçim

Usage areas

Silica sand is one of the important raw materials used in different industries. Silica Sand, Casting Industry, Building Industry, Pipe Manufacturing, Treatment Plants (Filtration), Surface Cleaning Material (Blasting), Textile (Sand Blasting), Glass (Sand Blasting), Skidding Sand, Chemical sector and is offered to the demand of customers to be used in various sports areas.

Casting Industry

Casting molds and core casting sands used in metal castings are made. Sintering up to 1500 degrees in these molds is not seen. When our products with high silica and low clay ratio are used, many advantages are provided to the producer, especially the resin consumption.

Construction Industry

Tile and ceramic adhesives, repair, grout mortars, surface hardeners, glass wool production, fiber reinforced precast construction.

Pipe Manufacturing

GRP Pipe: Glass fiber, glass wool and resin are used together with the resistance to the pipe.

Treatment plants

It is used for purification and purification of water and other liquids for various purposes.

Surface cleaning

It is used for cleaning all kinds of rusty metal surfaces.


It is used for aging of various fabrics. Jean (jeans) is the most used in sandblasting.

Glass (Noise)

It is used to give various patterns by spraying sand onto glass surfaces.

Skidding sand

It is used in trams and trains to prevent icing and slippage. This ensures safer stop and travel.

Various Sports Areas

It is used in Golf Courses, Carpet Fields, Horse Race Tracks and manege areas.

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