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Lawn Construction – Yorçim

Lawn Construction


Lawn Construction

Important Information about Carpet Site Construction

People who want to get important information about the construction of the carpet field, first of all need to learn the types of carpet areas. Accordingly, we would like to give you some information from our experts in order to make it easier for you to know what kind of carpet areas are made and what the conditions are.

What are the varieties of the carpet field?

Outdoor carpet pitches,
Indoor carpet pitches,
Professional artificial turf carpet pitches
are divided into three main groups.

1- Open Carpet Field Construction
One of the sports fields that are frequently preferred especially in summer months is open carpet areas. Around 6-7m in height and 3.5mm thick pvc coated wire mesh surrounded by special carpet area lighting is used in these areas in the night hours are provided. Carpet lighting can be preferred as 400W halide projector or 150-200W LED projector. On outdoor carpet areas, 55mm artificial turf is preferred.

2- Indoor Carpet Field Construction
It is an indoor sports area that you can prefer in the winter months to protect you from snow, rain or cold. You can see that the wind will not pass in these areas where the carpet is completely covered.

What are the indoor carpet pitches?

Indoor covered carpet field construction,
Sheet metal covered indoor carpet field construction,
PVC covered indoor carpet pitch construction
In order to cover the area, sheet metal coating, PVC coating or tarpaulin can be preferred. The most affordable and widely used indoor carpet pitch type canvas stands as closed carpet pitches. However, we recommend the construction of covered area of ​​sheet metal covered sheet in snowy areas. Steel construction should be used for indoor carpet area construction. In order to reduce the cost, the risk of collapsing when using less and weaker material than required in steel construction.

3- Professional Artificial Grass Carpet
Professional artificial turf carpet nizami applied to football fields. 55mm or 60mm artificial models are preferred as artificial turf. Official football competitions can be played in these areas. For this, Fifa 1 Star and Fifa 2 Star certificate must be obtained. In this type of floor, twice the amount of granules is used.

What are the Features of Top Quality Synthetic Grass Soil?

60mm Monofilament carpet is used,
Monofilament carpet should also be vertebrate,
Shock pads are put under carpet instead of felt.
The amount of granules should be around 14-15kg / m2,
Green or gray EPDM granules used
Some Fifa 2 Star applications may require a shock pad assembly under the carpet. This is the highest level of synthetic grass floor that can be built on such a floor. The features mentioned above are generally the features that are seen in Fifa 2 Star applications.

Artificial Turf Selection in Carpet Field Construction
One of the most important factors in the preparation of the ground is the selection of the ground. After making the right choice, construction works will be started.

However, you must decide on the artificial grass you choose according to some criteria. Artificial grasses can be selected from single or double color, monofilament single color or double color models in standard fibrile. You can choose from a variety of pile sizes in dozens of models. We offer the services such as touching, placing, making homogenous sand and granule fillings and brushing of the surface according to the field dimensions.

What are the best selling carpet pitch artificial turf models?

DuoGrass double color fibrile 55mm synthetic grass,
Advantage Grass double color monofilament 55mm synthetic grass,
LSR Fibrile single color football synthetic grass 55mm
You can contact us to find out the types of artificial turf which will be used in indoor and outdoor carpet field construction and prices of these services. Different prices are determined according to yarn type, weaving density and pile size for artificial turf produced for use in sports fields.

Touching a special carpet according to the wishes of the customers will be among the other factors that will affect the prices directly. For special weaving, it is necessary to order an order over a certain quantity.

Carpet Field Artificial Grass Care
Synthetic grass floor needs periodic maintenance after the completion of the carpet field construction. This care is an important factor that extends the life of the synthetic grass floor, although dense and often not up to natural grass.

How to make synthetic lawn care for carpet field?

  • Periodic brushing of artificial turf floor (motor brushing or manual),
    Addition of granules less than 6 months,
    Watering should be done after sunset on hot days,
    Foreign objects such as glass pieces, cigarette butts, branches, stones, chewing gum should be cleaned every few weeks.

You can contact us to get more detailed information from this page which is a reference for everyone who wants to get important information about the field construction.

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