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Sand Usage Areas – Yorçim

Sand Usage Areas


Sand Usage Areas

Silica Sand and Usage Areas
Silica sand is a silicon and gaseous oxygen-containing substance. Silicon and 02 are abundant elements in the universe. However, it also forms the silica. Silica 3 is in the form of the main crystal. The most quartz form is present in these.

quartzite; quartz sand is a rock that is formed by a solid bonding of cement from a silica.

Quartzite is a rock with very strong, resistant and abrasive properties. For this reason, grinding is extremely costly. Quartzite production is preferred after quartz sand, sandstone and quartz with the same chemical properties.

quartzite is one of the hardest minerals found in nature. Therefore, it can be used safely in construction and building chemical materials production. These substances are very resistant to heat. Therefore, it is used in different branches of industries.

Application Areas of Silica Sand
The first one of the application areas of silica sand is pipe manufacturing. Glass fiber is used together with glass wool resin to make the pipe durable.

Silica Sand treatment plants.

Silica sand is the second one of the areas of use in treatment facilities. It is involved in filtering and purification of water and other liquids.

Silica Sand Casting Industry

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